Sheep and Goat Grazing

We want to make you aware of an Air Force initiative that will be going on in your neighborhood starting Wednesday, May 9th. Wooly Weeders Grazing Company will start grazing Castle Terrace Conservation Wetlands. Sheep and goat grazing is a continuation of our ongoing efforts to meet conservation management goals required by federal law and to improve wild land fire safety for base housing residents. They will use 300-400 sheep and a dozen goats to perform targeted grazing of specific natural resources. The area in which the goats will be placed is protected by an electric fence - please use caution. You are welcome to come and see the sheep and goats - please stay outside the chain link fence. No dogs should be brought to the site to avoid harm to the grazing animals. Children should be kept away from the electric fence and animals. Housing residents with dogs are advised to ensure their animals are contained and encouraged to keep dogs inside during this time period to reduce stress on the sheep and goats. Wooly weeders can choose to leave the site before the contract concludes if their animals are in danger. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Lauren Wilson at 410-920-0361.