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  • Friday

Lawn Care:

  • Monday: Broadway, Carolina Court, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Oregon, Travis, New Wyoming, Dakota Court, 154-196 Texas, 128-150 Wyoming, 201-227 Wyoming

  • Tuesday: Arizona, Arkansas Court, Colorado, Delaware, First, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana Court, Kansas, Maryland Court, Michigan, Montana Court, Nebraska, New York Court, Ohio Court, Tennessee Court, Texas (109-135), Wisconsin, Peterson Court

  • Wednesday – Bradley (109-131), Cannon, Clark Court, Cullen Court, Cunningham Way Fairfield Court, Fitzgerald, Glenn Court, Hamilton Court, Martin Court, Mather Court, Diablo, Diablo Court, Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks Court, Valley View Way

  • Friday – Bradley (201-214), Collins, Doolittle Court, McGuire Court, Norton Offutt, Cannon in Norton Heights,


Trash Day Information

Trash cans may be placed out for pickup no earlier than 1900 (7:00pm) the day before pickup is scheduled and will be removed by 1900 (7:00pm) the day trash is picked up.

Bulk Trash Information

Bulk trash refers to items that are too large or bulky for normal refuse containers.  These items include: furniture, mattresses, barbecue grills, etc.  Every occupant is allowed 2 bulk pickups per year.  To schedule a bulk pickup, call the local Sanitation Department.  They will pick up your bulk items from the curb.

Please call Republic Services at 707-437-8900 to schedule your bulk pick up.

Recycling Information

Items considered recyclable include: plastic (Type 1 & 2), aluminum cans, corrugated cardboard, tin cans, magazines, office papers, and newspapers.

Lawn Care Information

Lawn services will be completed at all houses with the exception of fenced-in yards.  Be sure to remove any items from your lawn including: garden hoses, lawn furniture, and toys on the scheduled day in order for the landscapers to properly care for your lawn.  Winter weather can impact schedules.  Additionally lawn service will be adjusted to every other week from November through March.  Weekly service resumes in April and continues through October.